To the strong, independent, fearless woman reading this, I made this blog just for YOU. 


The Quintessence of Womanhood is dedicated to every woman seeking sisterhood, encouragement, advice, love, and more. Just like every woman visiting this blog, the Quintessence of Womanhood stands for something just as strong as you. Quintessence being the “the most perfect embodiment of something” and womanhood, “the state or condition of being a woman.”


The idea for this blog is an idea that I’ve sat on and held back for such a long time because I didn’t know how to properly execute it or how exactly I wanted to present it. For a while, I have juggled a bunch of concepts back and forth and on the journey, I’ve been inspired by many other women with their own blogs whose main objectives have been dedicated solely to women and healing. As a strong believer in women supporting other women, this blog is something that I truly cherish and I hope that it will inspire someone just as much as the women I admire inspire me. 


With every blog post, you’ll find different topics that I will elaborate on and give my opinion about, as well as interviews of other successful women that I know and look up to who will be sharing the stories of their journeys and how they continue to strive to be the greatest forms of themselves. I will also be sharing some of my experiences, healing methods, and words of encouragement. This is a complete judgement free zone and I am only here to continue to promote positivity at all times and at all costs.


As the Quintessence of Womanhood continues to expand and grow, I want all of you to enjoy this journey and these experiences with me. Know that you are not alone and whether you are aware of it or not, there are so many people out there willing to lend their love and support. Here’s to new beginnings!


With love, 


Tiara is a wardrobe stylist and image consultant based in New York City. She is currently pursuing a degree in Fashion Marketing at NYCCT. Since starting her career at the age of 15 and with several years of experience in the fashion industry, Tiara has worked with and built long lasting relationships with many industry veterans. While interning at EBONY Magazine, she gained assistant stylist credit and a new found love for editorial.


Along with having a love for fashion, Tiara has always been interested in black studies and women's studies, while also taking pride in being a mental health advocate. As a woman, it was important for her to create this site in order to give women an outlet to share their stories as well as connect with other women going through similar journeys. Tiara has always been a supporter of women coming together and being each other's support system and she hopes this site can offer that while also being enjoyable to visit. Hope you love it!

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