The Significance of Self Love

March 8, 2017


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Where there is love, there is……








As women, often times we suffer from all different types of insecurities. Whether you choose to let those insecurities effect you is completely your decision. We are emotional beings that should be handled with a lot of love and a lot of care. You should know that you were created as an individual and that is what makes you unique. Define your own standard of beauty, don’t let society define it for you. Be so comfortable with yourself to the point where the opinions of others don’t phase or discourage you. 


I think one of the main issues with how society views women, and people in general, is the fact that in one breath they tell you to be confident and embrace everything about yourself until you actually do so, then things change. Those encouraging words then turn into discouraging and insensitive remarks and unpleasant looks. It’s almost as if society is more in love with the THOUGHT of you exuding confidence until you start to do just that. Then they get uncomfortable and feel as if it’s inappropriate or you need to “cover up” because they’re not really ready to embrace you. Don’t be mistaken, however. Not everyone is like this. There are actually people out there who won’t judge you and continue to uplift you with their words and even their actions. 


It’s easier said than done and it’s a process, but once you embrace your flaws, your confidence will continue to expand. Love your skin, your weight, your stretch marks, your smile, and everything else about YOU. You are a work in progress. Love yourself with your weave or wigs, make up, acrylic nails, and without them. Continue to do those things for you and don’t ever let the naysayers make you feel any less than desirable when you’re without. When you get to the point in your life when you truly love yourself, you will be able to love the people around you. 


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