Truly In Lust

March 22, 2017



I don't love him

But I'm in love with the way his hands fit perfectly around my neck

Squeezing it tightly

I feel all the blood rushing to my face

I'm in love with the feeling

I don't love him

I'm in love with the marks

The rosey red marks he leaves on my sugar brown skin

I look at them, I run my fingers on them and remember

I remember the sweet pain

I don't love him

I'm in love with his full lips

That take over mine when we kiss

That suck my blue painted toes

That take hold of all my juices and makes my stomach flip

I don't love him but

His tongue

I'm in love with his tongue 

Licking the very tip of my nipples 

My inner thighs

Then licking the bud of my lotus flower

Moving fast and then slow

My heart drops to my stomach 

My stomach clenches 

Then releases

And my lotus flower blossoms

I still don't love him

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