The Black Woman

April 26, 2017

The Black Woman


I wouldn't be here without the black woman. 

She carried me in her womb.

Sang songs of the sweetest taboo.

She showed me off before she could even see my face. 

Told me everything will be okay.

She birthed me from heaven's passage. 

To hold me like a jewel.

She watched over me as I grew.

First to call me handsome after every trip to the barbershop.

She gave me more than I could have imagined.

Even when she couldn't get herself. 

She worked hard through criticism and discrimination. 

To make sure her king had the right example.

She smiled through life's darkest times.

Only to hope I would shine in this world.

She is the black woman. 

The woman who keeps giving. 

Even when the world tries to bring her down.


by Vincent Rutherford





Vincent Rutherford is currently a Psychology & Marketing student studying and living in New York City. With passions in writing, modeling, and photography, Vincent doesn't like to label himself or put himself into a box. Inspired by different psychological/cultural readings, music, fashion, and contemporary art he tends to find himself always searching and yearning for ways to grow and expand his mind. Vincent is always open to new ideas and meeting new creative people like himself who want to spread love and share their creativity with the world.


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