Jazmine Gray: High School Teacher & Travel Blogger!

August 23, 2017


Meet Jazmine Gray, a high school teacher and travel blogger. Not only does Jazmine love and enjoy teaching her students, she has also created her own travel blog, Jaz Trippin, after receiving several inquiries about how she scored her discounted trips around the world. Read below to find out more about her experiences and how she may be of assistance to you. 

What school do you currently teach at? What grade(s) and subject(s) do you teach?

I teach English at Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology. The grade changes each year. This year, I taught 9th and the previous year, 11th. In addition, I sometimes teach electives like creative writing or hip hop as poetry which are a mixture of grades. 


When did you decide you wanted to become a teacher?

I decided I wanted to become a teacher back in 2013 when I got a position as a teaching assistant at a high school. I was a teaching assistant for an English teacher who loved his job and won the Big Apple Teacher Award. He and I instantly clicked. I witnessed the passion he had for his craft and the rapport he had with his students. He inspired me. 


You have built, and continue to build, very close relationships with your students. Why is this so important to you? 


As mentioned in the previous question, the first great example I saw of an English classroom was one built on strong teacher-student relationships. From the time I was there, I knew that was the type of teacher I had to be. These kids often spend more time with you than their own families and quite often, they have a void in some way or another. The relationship you have with students can bring them out of dark places and can push and inspire them to be amazing when they otherwise might not have. When they know you care, it makes all the difference. That's all I've ever wanted to do. In a field that's not always overtly rewarding, that is always the reward. 


Along with being an amazing teacher, you also have your own travel website. How did that come about?

A few years ago, my mom introduced me to a travel site called Airfare Watchdog. From then, I became obsessed with travel and finding deals. In 2014 alone, I had discovered so many deals and opportunities to travel and most importantly, I discovered the wonder that is the error fare. After this, I found that so many people would come to me asking how I do it or asking for advice and I knew I had to make something of that. My undergraduate degree is in Journalism and Media Studies so what better way to combine my skills and passions than to create a travel blog? 


What places have been your favorite to travel to so far and why?

My favorite places to travel have been Dubai, Thailand, Peru, Cuba and Iceland. I loved each of those places for both the culture and beauty of the countries. They all possessed atmospheres that were surreal and culture that was so rich. 


What places do you still want to visit?

The places I still want to visit are numerous. I've realized that having traveled to 27 countries, I've still only made it to 11 percent of the world, which is so humbling. I'm dying to travel to Greece, which I will be doing this August as well as Bali, Indonesia, Bora Bora, the Maldives and Japan. 






Anyone interested in checking out the site can do so at Jaztrippin.com


Additionally, any travel-related inquiries can be e-mailed to Jazmine@Jaztrippin.com. 


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