Luv Sicc: The Street Chic Brand Created for Bad Ass Women

November 1, 2017

Luv Sicc was an Los Angeles based womenswear clothing line that was released in Spring 2010 by Milena Garcia and Gina Mae. Luv Sicc delivered cut and sewn pieces with quality fabrics to provide a comfortable fit that also added a high fashion quality to street wear. The duo managed to balance a full time school and work load while also building a brand from the ground up. I first discovered Luv Sicc on social media and immediately fell in love with their products. Milena and Gina were very much involved with every aspect of the brand and they made sure to engage with their consumers while providing the best service. I purchased a few items that I still wear faithfully and seven years later, people are still inquiring about them. I recently reached out to one of the designers, Milena, to learn more about the inspiration behind Luv Sicc. You can read our interview below:


Tell me about yourself.
I’m from Los Angeles, California, born and raised, but my family is originally from Colombia. I basically grew up in the Valley. I went to high school in Sylmar and then I went to college and I studied business administration and that’s where I actually started Luv Sicc during my days in school and college with my best friend, Gina.

Tell me about the history of Luv Sicc. How do you guys get started? What did you want the goal to be?
I went to a technical school, it was like a business school, and I went there to get my BS and starting my own business was the main thing I was working towards. I went there and I was able to finish in three years. It was like a really fast paced private school. That was the main thing for her and I at the time we were both in college. We always loved fashion and we were so into customizing our own clothes and we just loved taking our own pieces of clothing and making it our own. Basically just adding stuff to our clothes and cutting our shorts and having fun with it. We loved doing that because we were never content with what was out there and we felt like nothing really represented what a woman should be… so we created Luv Sicc. We made Luv Sicc to be that passionate, sexy, badass woman and you can tell by every detail from our bold graphics on our t-shirts to the materials and fabrics we used on our sweaters and pants. Like metal spikes, leather and the loose, baggy fit. These pieces were created for comfort and also being able to be sexy and edgy at the same time. We wanted every woman to feel that way.

What inspired the name?
The name took us a while to come up with. We were always thinking what kind of name… we weren’t trying to be different but it was like what could be like a GOOD name? We went to the mall one day and we went to a store where they would sell a lot of streetwear and sneakers. We were going through clothes and then we saw this shirt that just said “love sick” and we thought, “oh, this is kind of funny.” We figured this is what they expect girls to wear. It was pink and it just said “love sick” on it. So we thought, “we can just change that and just switch it up.” That’s how it came about.

How did Luv Sicc differ from other brands?
We thought we were unique by the quality of our fabric that we used. At the time streetwear was really big and we would buy some stuff like Diamond Supply Co. which was one of my favorites because I really like their t-shirts. But they used that rough quality, like 100 percent cotton t-shirts, and we were just like, “this is not comfortable at all.” That was one thing, it had to be comfortable, it had to be loose. When you’re in school and you’re running around all day you don’t want to be in something that is so tight and not comfortable. When you’re comfortable you just feel good. So that was our main thing… comfort. You don’t want to feel like you have to be in a tight dress. You want to be able to wear a t-shirt and just look cute or sexy.

Were you also working a full time job while also working on the brand?


So much time and money was put into every piece. We were going to school full time and working full time but we would still manage to drive downtown so tired and even forgetting to eat sometimes to just go check out our manufacturer, our stuff being made and making sure everything was coming out right. Even mailing out our orders, we were doing everything ourselves. We had no help, it was just her (Gina) and I. We were investing our own money, everything. We didn’t have any investors, we did everything ourselves. It was like the best experience. I think that was one of the main things that pushed me to hustle. We were both on our grind and it was just a great experience. I love hearing people like you who have bought our clothes and you love how it fits and how you feel when you wear it because that was a big thing for us. I just love hearing that.

What was it like having a partner? What were some of the advantages and challenges?
With us two, we grew up together. We went to junior high together but we really got close when we started high school. Her and I go way back and we always had a really good friendship. We both had the same interest with clothes, fashion and everything. Her and I worked really good together. She’s really good at web design so she would create our website and our online store. She’s very talented, I love Gina. When you work with someone that you’re close with you’re going to have some issues but we were really good at working them out and agreeing to disagree. It was a good experience for the both of us and even though we’re not doing it anymore, her and I still keep in touch. It gets really difficult the more you work with a person because you see them all the time and when money is involved you just have to be careful but we made sure we had a business plan and we had everything said in paper so we were good. She actually made all of our videos, too. Every time I watch them I’m like, “oh my God, this is amazing.”

You guys used your blog as a mood board and vlogged behind the scenes footage of photoshoots and work related to the brand. Why was that important to you?
It was mainly to have our Tumblr. It was fun to have a Tumblr. We would see a lot of things that would inspire us on there and then we would just want to show and post things that we liked and things that we thought were interesting. It was also a good way for us to put our own stuff out there and show what we can do. Also, it was a way for us to have whoever wanted to know more about our brand to ask us on there. A good way for us to communicate with people that liked our stuff and support us.

Ultimately, what was the reason you guys decided to stop working on Luv Sicc?
I don’t want to say grew out of it but we kind of wanted different things. I always knew exactly what I visioned it to be and I always knew that it was going to be huge. Not just women’s clothing but also mens. I thought it was going to be the biggest clothing brand.

Would you ever consider relaunching Luv Sicc?
Relaunching it I don’t think so but I think I really do want to put something out. My thing is, since I learned so much from Luv Sicc and that experience, I want to make sure I have a strategic plan. Making sure that I’m really targeting a specific group. Also, I want to deliver quality when it comes to a product. I don’t want it to ever be something that I put out there just to put out there. I want to really give people something good. It’s important for me and I want to make sure because you have to invest a lot of time and money. You have to make sure it’s really a good idea, a good product. I’m working on it… I really want to. I really miss Luv Sicc so I want to be able to create something with the same quality. 


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